• Image of Severe - Distorted Views 12" EP

Severe - Distorted Views 12"EP (TOXIC-001/SEV-001)

"Debut release from this new Canadian band featuring former members of Violent Future. I imagine there's probably going to be a pretty significant crossover between Violent Future's fan base and Severe's, but Severe is really a totally different deal. VF had this kind of loose and shaky oi! element to their sound that Severe really don't have at all; instead, Severe is a very solid-sounding, bruising straight up hardcore band. Like a lot of the best modern bands, Severe seem to take influence from a range of hardcore stuff from late 80s NYHC to classic USHC, arriving at a sound that's very contemporary while still obviously steeped in the classics. If you're into the kind of hardcore bands that Painkiller puts out or newer bands like Firing Squad or Pillage Severe are well worth a listen" (Sorry State)

1. Take It Back
2. Deafblind
3. Retribution
4. Bystander
5. Distorted Views
6. The Attention
7. Persecuted
8. Shallow

100 Red
400 Black

Listen to it here.